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Whether capturing sacred scenes of nature, wildlife, old buildings or landscapes, Bernadette Chiaramonte 's photo images awaken memories of places seen, people loved, trips traveled. Chiaramonte's photographs are more than just a composition.They are works of inspirited art . She feels every click of the camera is a blank canvas to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary!

Spending years as a Critical Care Nurse, Chiaramonte would leave her night shift and journey into the early hours of dawn! She feels following the light always brings forth astonishing surprises and beauty!

Now retired, she can spend hours amassing her photos and sharing the beauty and wonder with others.

"Being that life is so busy for everyone, I am excited that people take the time to view and enjoy my interpretation of life. There is so much beauty and wonder in even the smallest of creations! "
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  • photography/video
  • printmaking/graphics
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I see much beauty in this area but in the world as a whole. In the times that we are living, people are too busy to stop and appreciate the simplest things! With my camera, I hope to project what my eye sees....hence bringing a little hope and peace to those who view my photography.
How would you describe the technique(s) that you use?
I shoot mainly nature photos with emphasis of PA Area.
I sell my prints from my site.
What is your background / education related to your artistic media?
Art Courses at University of Bridgeport, Conn.
Won awards in PA Wilds, CNN Calendar Contest for 7 years, front cover of Mountain Home Magazine plus several other photos published in same magazine, Pop's Culture Puzzle Contest winner for 5 years, sold CD's of my photos to Tioga Visitors Bureau for their visitor's projection.
I also sell my prints at Tioga County Visitors' Bureau and Mountain Home Gallery!
Won awards in PA Wilds, CNN Calendar Contest, front cover of Mountain Home Magazine plus several other photos published in same magazine. Had photos published in several Pennsylvania magazines including their official travel brochures. The Red Barn Arts Center hired me (and used) my photos for their brochure.Several photos selected for publishing in the Wellsboro Gazette.
Deane Center for Performing Arts Show
Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital Show
Native Bagel
Mountain Home Gallery

My Websites are as follows! Please take a minute and look!
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