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In the Pennsylvania Wilds, we value authenticity – the company of unpretentious people, the enduring quality of nature, and the timeless appeal of handmade goods. Our towns and villages attract artists and artisans who appreciate our values and contribute to our regional identity by creating beautiful and functional items you won't find anywhere else.

This site is designed to help you find these products. Whether you are a tourist on the hunt for a gallery, a developer angling to incorporate antler door handles and carved benches into your next project or a retailer looking for unique jewelry and scarves for your shop – we bring together the artisans and the galleries, gift shops and other places where they sell their arts to elevate the experience for you.

The Wilds Cooperative of Pennsylvania is a program of the PA Wilds Center for Entrepreneurship, a regional non-profit. Find them online at facebook.com/pawildsTreps or Twitter @pawildsTreps

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